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How to Divide Dialer Ports

Hi all,

I have a Dialer with 80 ports and the requirement is that i need to divide these ports into 3 group i.e.  20 ports for one IVR based Outbound Campaign another 20 ports for 2nd IVR campaign and rest of the ports for Agent based Outoubnd campaign. How can i achieve this and also one thing this number of ports can be changed in future like 30- 30 ports to IVR campaign and rest for Agent based campaign.

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to Divide Dialer Ports

You need to create 3 dialers. Because i think it is impossible to choice how port you can use for this and another for that.


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Re: How to Divide Dialer Ports

Thanks Eric

now can u also tell me how i can designate an each campaign to each Dialer. let say i install 2 dialers for 3 diff campaigns then how can i dedicate the ports of each dialer to respected campaign.

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Re: How to Divide Dialer Ports

Assuming you have 1 skill group per campaign and have the outbound percent of the skill groups set to 100, take the following example for an 80 port dialer:

IVR Campaign 1 configured for 80 ports

IVR Campaign 2 configured for 80 ports

Agent Campaign 3 configured for 80 ports

Since there are only 80 ports total for the dialer, these three campaigns will divide the ports up equally with the only exception being when there aren't enough agents logged into the agent campaign SG, the IVR campaigns will be allocated more ports.  You can verify the ports available for each campaign by monitoring the dialer process

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Re: How to Divide Dialer Ports

Thanks Nathan, ok i found one way to restrict the IVR ports and it seems its working . There is Max Number of IVR ports option in outoubnd "Campaign" option. I set Max value to 10 ports.

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