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How to pass variables from a script to CAD and IPPA

UCCX 8.0

I want the caller to put in their barcode number into a script. I then want to take that number and display it in CAD, CAD-BE and IPPA.

Even better, I'd like to enter it into a web page and bring up the caller's details.

I understand this is done via ECC variables, and I've looked up the documentation, but I can't find anything which shows step by step how to get the info from the script to CAD.  All I can find seems to give info for one, and then tell me that I need to look at another document which doesn't tie in.

Anyone point me in the right direction?


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How to pass variables from a script to CAD and IPPA


After saving the value in to local variable then you can use Set Enterprise Call Info step to set this value to one of Peripheral variable.Then creat the Enterprise Layout through cisco Desktop administrator to display the value on the CAD. Please refer the below link page number 155 for creating the enterprise layout.



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How to pass variables from a script to CAD and IPPA

Here's the way I do it.

1. To make life easier, I set up "Expanded Call Variables" by going to Settings -> Expanded Call Variables, in my UCCX Editor.  Create a new variable, Name is the name of the variable you want to use, this is free form because it doesn't have to match the variable name but I can't imagine using anything but.  I've only yet used the Type: Scalar but you can use an Array if you want.  Type in a Description, this is a friendly description so whatever you want.  One of these variables MUST be the Name: user.layout  Value: and Description: can be whatever you want...I call mine layoutList and Layout List respectively.  More on the Layout List later.

2. In your script, when you are ready to send your variables up to the agent's client (we use only CAD so I can't speak for CAD-BE and IPPA) use the "Set Enterprise Call Info" step.  You can ignore the "General" tab, that's used for setting up Custom Call Variables, that's not what you are doing here.

Value: is the variable you want set to the agent.

Name: you choose one of the Expanded Call Variables you set up in step 1.

Array Index: I've only used Scalar to date but you can use an array if you want to.

Token: I've only used All to date but you can do otherwise if you want to.

One of these variables MUST be the layout list variable you created in step 1.  You should have previously created a layoutList String variable in your script so you can select it here.

3. In Desktop Administrator, you must go to Services COnfiguration -> Enterprise Data -> Fields, and create fields that correspond to the names of the Expanded Call Variables you created in step 1.  Click the Add New button and type in the Field Name: this should match the name you created in step 1.  The Display Name field will be what the agent sees so make it friendly.  I've never touched the Context and Index fields because they are used with arrays and I've never used arrays here.

4.  In Desktop Administrator -> Services Configuration -> Enterprise Data -> Layout List, click Add New to create a new Layout List.  The Layout List will specify what Fields the agent will see and in what order.  Give the Layout a name, this must match the name you are using in the layoutList variable used in your script.  You can then simply move the Available fields from the left to the right and reorder them as required.

I think this covers it.  Note that the layout list you use can change, depending on what you want to show your agent when they are reserved and talking.  You can create multiple lists to show different lists of data where required.

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How to pass variables from a script to CAD and IPPA

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