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How to replace an original prompt with backup



Verified that "get user" and "authenticate user" works when I record a prompt that replace Main Prompt. Now I want to revert back to original Main Prompt which there is another copy saved in my backup folder so..

1. Create a 2nd document variable with null.

2. Create a string variable pointing to Backup prompt filename.

3. Setup another "Write Doc" step using the 2 variable in step 1/2 above.

4. Setup "upload prompt" step and specify the document variable above.

I cannot seem to revert back to the original Main Prompt from my backup folder.



Re: How to replace an original prompt with backup

To backup the DIB, issue the following command:

dcbckdib backup This command backs up the DIB to the directory indicated in . The DATABASE.DAT file is added to this directory. It is strongly recommended that you use a dated directory for storing your backup.

Once the server is stopped, the DIB can be restored. The restore process may take some time, depending on the following factors:

The speed of the directory server's processor and hard disk (if the backup directory is on the directory server).

Whether the backup directory is on the directory server or on a remote network drive. If it is remote, the process takes longer, since network access is slower than access to a local drive.

The size of the directory information base being restored.

The number of attributes that are indexed.

To restore the DIB, perform the following steps:

Log on as dcdadmin. Stop the DC Directory server.

Backup the current DIB contents by typing dcbckdib backup where is the name of the backup directory.

Type dcbckdib restore where is the name of the backup directory whose contents are to be restored.

If there is an existing DIB, you will be prompted for confirmation that you wish to destroy it and replace it with the one being restored. This prompts you to confirm that the existing data is to be deleted.

Restart the DC Directory server.

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