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How to setup a whisper prompt in UCCX Script?


I need some help here.

We have a cisco UCCX setup which was designed and implemented by a vendor. They had the script written. I want to modify that to have a whisper prompt for the agents to hear something before they start their talk.

Is there something that anyone can guide me to tell me what actually has to be done on a script to input this whisper message. I have a prompt for that. But don't know where and what to start with.

Any help is much appreciated.


  Hi Sanjay, Once the call is


 Hi Sanjay,


Once the call is transferred to agent, the UCCX script will lose the control on the call. If you need to do any actions while call is coming on the agent phone you should have CAD. 


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Cisco 7861 phones. and UCCX 9

Cisco 7861 phones. and UCCX 9.0.1

Thanks for helping me.

OK, after reading this whole

OK, after reading this whole thread, please explain the following:

Whisper announcement: a short recording the operator (the call center agent) is able to hear right before the call gets connected with the customer. This is usually a practice at a call center where an agent can be a member of multiple service queues and this whisper announcement actually tells the agent the name of the particular service queue the call was routed through. For instance, if the operator is a member of the following service queues: "Finance", "Orders", "Support" and the customer chose the "Support" option in the IVR, the agent would hear the word "Support" just before the call is connected. Is this what you want?


 Do we have any option for


Do we have any option for that in uccx?

No, it's unsupported in UCCX.

No, it's unsupported in UCCX. But there is a workaround.

Basically, we need to tell the phone to play a short message just before the call is connected. We can use the streaming API of the CUCM. Actually, UCCX can let you know the extension number of the agent before the call is connected. Based on the extension number, we can look up the IP address of the phone. And finally, we can ask the built in server in the IP phone (naturally, after authentication) to grab and play a message. Some assembly required as you can see. How does that sound.


New Member

@Gergely : For your first

@Gergely : For your first question, the answer it yes. The agent should hear that recording before he does go the customer call.

But the second note what you sent, I don't think that is correct. Because UCCX script supports that. I have pasted a sample below which a whisper prompt works in one of our UCCX script. See below.

Correct me If I am wrong.

I don't see the attachment. 

I don't see the attachment.


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Here is the attachment.....

Here is the attachment.....

Okay, tell me exactly which

Okay, tell me exactly which step in the script plays the whisper announcement to the agent.

  It is only assigning the



It is only assigning the prompt file. In which step you make utilize of this prompt (Whisperprompt) ?

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Shafeeq - Thanks for your

Shafeeq - Thanks for your information. But here the call still stays in UCCX. What I meant is, the agent should hear something like " Thank you for calling Bank of America " before they starting saying their opening script. You understand what I am saying. They call it as Whisper Prompt. This is included in Script and I don't know if there is another place to have this done.

I checked CAD and there is no place to add this one.

As far as I know its in UCCX Script.



 Hi Sanjay, You need the


Hi Sanjay,


You need the customer or agent to hear the message "Thank you for calling Bank of America" ?

Hi,I might have a solution


I might have a solution for you. Can you tell me the type of the Cisco IP phone your agent uses, plus the UCCX version (including the license level)?



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