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how to switch language - plz help!!!

Hi group,

I have a call flow where there is a total of 3 languages (English, Chinese & Japanese) with similar file name with different suffix.


Card_CF_1X_01C.wav = Chinese

Card_CF_1X_01E.wav = English

Card_CF_1X_01J.wav = Japanese

Does anyone have any sample script where based on the customer's language preference, the IVR will automatically play the correct WAV files all the way throughout the entire script?? i have about 20 prompts with 3 languages on each.

I'm using IPCCE with ICM and there are about 10 IVR scripts that have to inter-link with ICM between each of the 10 individual IVR scripts.

Kind Regards,


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Re: how to switch language - plz help!!!

I'm assuming you are using IP-IVR...

The best way to do this is to create a locale folder for each language:

en-US (English)

ja-JP (Japanese)

zh-CN (Chinese - though there are variations, of course)

Copy the respective files into each folder, and make the names of each .wav file the same - for example, "MainMenu.wav" is named just that, but it exists in each locale folder.

In the IP-IVR script, you then have a menu that asks the caller for the desired langauge (or if it is by Dialed Number, use a parameter passed to the IP-IVR). Use the "Set Contact Info" step to set the Language for the caller. This will direct the IP-IVR to look in the specific locale folder for any .wav file that is called out from that point forward in the script.

You need to potentially capture and repeat this process every time you call out a different IP-IVR script from ICM, but it still makes for a more consistent and easier to manage configuration.

If you are using CVP, the process is similar, except that you use the "user.microapp.locale" ECC variable in your ICM script.

- Bill

- Bill
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