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How to Test Silent Monitoring


Has anyone got a procedure for testing Silent Monitoring? I have enabled a VOIP monitor on the supervisor desktop. How do you test to see if it is working? How do you monitor an agent. When an agent is on a call an you selcet the call and press VOIP monitor, is the supervisor's phone supposed to ring and are you connected directly to the agents call? On demand recording is working fine for me.



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Re: How to Test Silent Monitoring

Hi Derek

This is in the CSD manual - but basically to silent monitor an agent, you click the agent's name on the lower left window in CSD. You can then click the toolbar icon to 'start monitoring'. You don't click on a call for this, as it's not related to any particular call; you monitor the agent and will hear all their conversations as they answer and hang them up until you turn off the monitor.

It's fairly rare for monitoring to fail and recording to work or vice versa...



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Re: How to Test Silent Monitoring


When you start VOIP monitor on the Supervisor desktop, after highlighting the agent, if you pickup the supervisor handset, should you be able to hear the agent conversation? Or is there another way of being able to here the conversation.

My problem is that i don't know how to access the monitored call. I think it is configured right as i can start the call monitoring, on the supervisor desktop, but don't know how to access the call from the supervisor handset.


Re: How to Test Silent Monitoring

Hello Derek,

The audio will go out thought your desktop speakers, be sure that windows is not in silence mode and the volume is not at the minimum level in the CSD.


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