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HR doubts in UCCX

Hi ,

I am having telephony setup running on CUCM 9.x integrated with UCCX 9.x.

Everything working fine and I can generate the Historical reports.

I have some doubts for generating the reports which is mentioned below.


1. Need to generate the agents  abandoned calls,Placed calls and missed calls in a single report.I know i can generate these information's in two reports ,but required all this in a single report.Will it is possible?


2.When generating reports I required only external numbers information not required to show the internal numbers on the reports.Is there anyway I can uncheck the internal number while generating the HR?


Thanks inn advance

Nithin Louis.


Hi Nithinpro,Answering your

Hi Nithinpro,

Answering your two question, there's not way to custom the information displayed in the HR report type.

One option to custom report is running Microsoft Silverlight  but is not a easy task.

Check this link:

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HiWith 9.x upwards you can


With 9.x upwards you can use CUIC instead, this will allow basic customisation such as 'removing' a column easy enough. That may address your point #2.

Custom reporting - merging two reports as in your #1 request is more difficult. I've done this for lots of customers - it requires generation of a custom SQL stored procedure and a Crystal report template in HRC. You'd then see a new report in the list that does what you want. PM me if you need someone to do this for you as a paid project.

Alternatively there are third-party reporting solutions that may do what you need as a seperate product.


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Nithin Louis,Our 3rd party

Nithin Louis,

Our 3rd party reporting solution will permit you to easily create your own custom reports.  Very powerful, very affordable.  If you are interested - please contact me.  Ron Reif /

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Think of it this way, WYSIG -

Think of it this way, WYSIG - What You See Is what you Get. you might look into CUIC - Better by a little. Cisco is not creative at all in reports - lacking.

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