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HTTP Contacts

Sorry ... Newb question but I'm stuck.

Trying to implemnet HTTP triggers, web page info, etc

I'm reading the documentation for 7.0 UCXX and follwoin through some of the examples and I cannot get it straight where all the web pages should reside?

-  Where shoiuld the initial Web page that collects information (like call back number) reside?

     -  On my base install of UCXX it did not create a \wfavvid\TOMCAT\WEBAPPS\ROOT (that I used in 4.X) directy ref'd in some of the examples.  Does this mean that on UCXX 7.0 I use the locally installed IIS server for local apps?  Is TOMCAT reserved for appadmin, running the system etc?

-  Do I need to upload webpages via the Document Managment portal? is there a IPCXX database dependancy on the WWW pages?




Re: HTTP Contacts

That folder that you are referring to, is in the repo, and this is where you can store some docs.

Click on Applications > Document Management > Default > webapps > ROOT

There are many ways to skin this cat, and even though it's not supported/enforced, you can modify the IIS web service.  So maybe a more specific question, or detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish will help us, help you.

Note that IIS listens on port 80, and tomcat is on 8080.

Anthony Holloway

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