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HTTP Trigger


I want to launch an IPCC Express application from a web page using a HTTP trigger. Can someone help me to make that?


Re: HTTP Trigger


You can take a look to this guide, in the 'Designing a Web-Enabled Script':

There is a simple example taht it can be used as a start point.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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Re: HTTP Trigger

I created a web page that I put in the 'Tomcat\webapps\root\' directory. I also configured a http trigger with the url : '\greeting' (it's the form name in the web page) just like the example welcome.html in cisco docs. But it didn't work. I also noticed that the web page doesn't open if i type in the browser http://myserver:80/mypage.html.

Thanks for the help


Re: HTTP Trigger

Try to use IIS instead of Tomacat.


Juan Luis


Re: HTTP Trigger

The typical Tomcat port is 8080. Check if http://myserver:8080/mypage.html works.



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Re: HTTP Trigger


Please find hereafter what was working for me on a 4.0(3) version :

- Two web servers are installed on the IPCC server : IIS and Tomcat.

- The IIS server listens on port 80 and its "default" directory is c:\inetpub\wwwroot\

- The Tomcat server listens on port 8080 and its "default" directory (for html documents) is

C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Documents\user\default\webapps\ROOT\

(and not C:\ProgramFiles\wfavvid\Tomcat\webapps\ROOT\) as stated in the "Getting startde with scrtipts" manual)

- So, you should

- put the "welcome.html" file in the "C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Documents\user\default\webapps\ROOT\" folder

- access the "welcome.html" web file at the web address "http://localhost:8080/welcome.html"

(or "http://(type here your server name):8080/welcome.html")

- The html code for the welcome.html file should be like this :

What is your name

Cisco forgot the clause 'value="Submit"' in the second tag.

This tag defines the "Submit" button of the web page.

- The "sayhello.html" file should be placed in C:\Program Files\wfavvid\template\.

- When the user clicks on the "Submit" button on the "welcome.html" page, the browser sends back a "GET" request to the web server. This request looks like this : http://(Your Server Name):8080/greeting?name=MyName

The Tomcat server on your IPCC server is configured to trap this request and trigger the IPCC "web-enabled" application.

I'm not sure that the IIS Server is configured (by the Cisco IPCC setup program) to do this trapping and so I don't think that it will work with the IIS server.

- Now, you have to create and configure a IPCC application triggered by an HTTP trigger.

- In the "Cisco Application Administration" web interface, you should create or modify an application to test the web-enabled script.

- In the "script" field of the "Cisco Script Application" window for this application, type "hello.aef" (without the quotes).

- Create a new trigger of the HTTP type for this application.

In the "URL" field of the "HTTP Trigger Configuration" window, type "/greeting" (without the quotes).

I suppose that this trigger creation somehow tells the Tomcat server that it should trap the "/greeting" GET request and trigger the "hello.aef" script.

Hope This Helps

P. Brognon

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