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We note that a correctly formated WAV file on the UCCX, when played back as a prompt, seems to have a very high SISSSSS sound.   The same played back on CUCM is much improved.   This is a Version 9 UCCX and we are wondering if anyone has had this issue and how you might have solved it.   It makes the speaker sound like they have a problem pronocing S's!

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Then it's not properly encoded. CUCM has a transcoder built in; every WAV file you upload is automatically converted while CCX does not.

Audacity can save the file in G.711 u-law format.

    Choose File > Export

    Open the Format dropdown box in the Export dialog and choose Other uncompressed formats

    Click the Options button. Set the Header to be WAV (Microsoft) and Encoding to U-law.

    Click OK.

    Name your file and click Save.

    Repeat (or perhaps figure out how to batch this in Audacity).

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Johnathan - I think the encoding is correct:  I import wav files into a format of CCITT Ulaw 8HZ 8 Bit Mono.  I have also recorded directly into Unity VM box and then exported as a wav and both give the same result.   The client complains that the S sounds like the speaker has a lisp and these are professional voice artists!

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