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ICD number same as the first line

we have a 7940 phone configured with two lines, both are same ext, say 4001. Understand ICD number can't be shared number. But in this case 4001 in different partion and not shared line. 2nd line 4001 will be ICD. Is there a problem? thanks

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Re: ICD number same as the first line

While I can't really back it up technically, I have always avoided using the same number in two different ways on the same phone system. From the IPCC Enterprise perspective, the CCM CTI Manager cares less about partitions, calling search spaces and the like - only registrations. A phone is a phone is a phone and it's registered to the PGUser and it happens to have two extensions of the same number. I don't see that working.



Re: ICD number same as the first line

Technically it is not supported because of JTAPI limitations (jtapi version 2.x which is on CM 4.x fixes some of these issues but still not supported even with CM 4.x and IPCC enterprise). Just like the previous poster said, JTAPI will get confused as to which 4001 dn to monitor and you will get sporadic issues. Highly suggest you stay away from this.

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Re: ICD number same as the first line

I recently changed my agent phones to a similar setup. Line and 2 are same number, different partitions. When I associate that phone to the user and tell it line 1 is icd and line 2 is primary line, it appears it takes it. However, then I check the association again, they are both on line 1. I let it go for a day. I started noticing agents missing in my supervisor desktop monitoring program. (Placed a call to Cisco on this as well). I am not sure this caused it, but I thought I better change it out. I just used a bogus number on line 2 and forward calls from line 1 to that bogus number, and it appears to the agents as the same number. I do not know if it is caused by this as well, but 1 hour ago, all phones in my locations unregistered out of no where!

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