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ICM 7.2 Send call to Gateway

I'm trying to send a call to our legacy PBX. The PBX is not hooked into IPCC, so I am trying to send the call back to the Gateway so it can route down the appropriate path.

I used a label with the appropriate extension; however, when the Gateway picks it up it doesn't route the call. I was able to send the call to an IPCC phone with a call forward to the PBX extension and it worked just fine.

This is telling me the routing from the Gateway is set up just fine to the PBX so it is a problem with either: A.) How the Gateway is accepting that call or B.) How ICM is sending that call to the Gateway. I am using a label of the PBX extension 3524.




Re: ICM 7.2 Send call to Gateway

Warning - speculation follows.

It's not ICM's fault. In your routing script you return a label, which is attached to a routing client. It's the job of the peripheral and the peripheral routing client to handle the label. ICM's task is over.

In your case, the routing client is CUCM, so it has to do what's necessary.

If the label is a pattern that matches a trunk to the gateway controlled by a gatekeeper, you should be able to make it hit a dial peer on the gateway and follow the same path as the call forward.



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