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ICM 9.0.4 Scheduling Purge Jobs

Does anyone know if there is any adverse effect for scheduling the loggers purge jobs earlier (Say 12:15am) than the default 12:30am? - ICM 9.0.4

Is there reason Cisco chose 12:30am as the default?



it might be assumed that the

it might be assumed that the 12:30 am will be the idle time for call centers  and there will be less load on the systems.

sometimes while running purging job SQL runs out of memory, in our setup we have seen SQL memory issue and with we also seen bounce of HLGR process as its not able to write to SQL.

i don't think rescheduling purging will have any adverse effect, but also think of other load parameters while SQL is doing purging.




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Thank you Chintan for your

Thank you Chintan for your response! We run our ETL just after the purge jobs complete. We want to be able to run this sooner as we are noticing that the ETL is taking longer to run and going beyound the allotted window. I have been looking for a Cisco's document that shows that scheduling the purge jobs earlier does not affect anything. The customer will need this proof when we bring this to them.

I was also searching for the

I was also searching for the same, but unfortunately i did not find any such proof in their documentation for any adverse effect.

Cisco has mentioned below in Installation guide:

they have not given any special Note, so i think you are good to go. if there would be any effect then they would have given some special note like "changing this setting is not supported", hope you are getting what i want to convey.





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