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ICM Admin Script to export user variables to log file


Is there a easy way to export/report the values of user variables to a file in ICM 7.x?

These are global variables set in admin scripts for open/close flags and looking to see at a glance what the values of all the variables are at a given time throughout the day without having to monitor each script/etc that uses them.

I was looking at maybe an admin script to write the values to a text file every x hours/minutes/etc but am kind of new to ICM scripting and not seeing a step there to do this and not sure if this is possible or if there is another way.

Have a script where supervisors can force open/close different queues for reasons (weather, etc) and trying to add way to log when a change was made for historical purposes and troubleshooting just a text file or something easy.

Thanks, Erick


Only three years later but in

Only three years later but in case someone else is ever looking this should get you started. First, be sure your vars are set to persistent and replicated to an HDS. You can then extract this data from the Persistent_Variable data. It will require some joins to the User_Variable data to get a nice solid query. 

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