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ICM and Domains


I noticed the use of Media Routing Domain with Outbound settings, the question is: what are the domains that should be configued on the ICM? And why we need such domain called Media Routing Domain to communicate with the outbound dialer?

As I know that domain is a set of servers and workstation and security issues, so why all of that needed for having outbound?




Re: ICM and Domains

Media Routing Domain has nothing to do with "domain is a set of servers and workstation and security issues". Perhaps "Domain" was a poor choice of word on Cisco's part - "Media Routing Realm" could have worked.

A Media Routing Domain "Cisco_Voice" has been created for you. If you were to add EIM you would create a MRD for Email; ditto Web Collab.

What's your question now?



New Member

Re: ICM and Domains

As there is a media routing domain to be used, then ofcourse there should be another domains to be used for other purposes, correct? What these domains? I am just trying to understand when to have domain.

Another issue: As medial routing domain is "Cisco_ Voice" then to setup the outbound dialer option, then I have to create media routing domain and MRD PIM? Correct? In that case, why it was called MRD PIM and not Outbound Dialer PIM?

Thanks in advance.



Cisco Employee

Re: ICM and Domains

HI Bilal,

all valid linguistic points, just to clarify.

We moved from a Voice based Call Center environment to a Multimedia Contact Center option.

Those domains or realms or how you wish to call them are Web, Mail and Voice so far, but the interface is there so that we could add others in the future if needed(CRM or Presence or whatever), basically it is saying that those domains can raise a route request to a call router and get a label back.

Since we had a Voice Enabled Peripheral Gateway Interface that would raise a Route Request via OPI interface to the Router, we took that concept and expanded it to include also a Media Routing PG, not talking to an ACD or an IVR but a different system, being outbound or email or web.

I hope this clarifies it a bit.



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