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ICM Dialed Number Plan Question

I am testing the set up of the ICM Dialed Number Plan to track agent initiated calls to hopefully get better reporting statistics. I've got it to work for Agent-to-Agent transfers but my question is about the TCD records that show up as a result of an agent transfer. My test is to dial a call that runs a client-like ICM script that routes the call to an agent. The agent answers the call and uses Cisco Agent Desktop to transfer the call to agent #2. After the call is transferred to agent #2, agent #1 gets the wrap-up code box and selects an appropriate wrap up code. When agent #2 finishes the call, this agent also gets the wrap-up code box and the agent selects the appropriate wrap-up code. When I query the database for the TCD records for this call, I get four records and the last two correspond to agent #1 and agent #2. I see  the WrapupData field populated on the record for agent #2 but there is no WrapupData for agent #1. Here's the question: If I have things set up properly, should I see the WrapupData field populated for agent #1.  Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks. 


Re: ICM Dialed Number Plan Question

Ho Joe,

What you see is a normal behavior. Direct (single step) and consult transfers are considered outbound calls therefore you will not see any wrapup data in TCD for the agent that initiated the transfer

Hope this helps


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Re: ICM Dialed Number Plan Question

Hi Joe

I am working on a project to track agent to agent transfers using dialed number plans.

Can you tell me how you got it to work?

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