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ICM Feature Control - Restricting access to certain scripts and nodes

UCCE version 8.5.  I would like to limit access for certain users so that they can only access a particular script or scripts and only certain nodes within that script(s) - a SET node.  This script will be an administrative script, so I would ideally also like to give them access to "activate" the new variable they have changed the value - either by running a call through the script using Call Tracer or temporarily changing the frequency of run time or I could have the admin script run every 30 seconds (or any other options anyone can think of).

The ICM admin script will set a variable to control whether a special message is played.  The ICM routing script will look at this value in an IF node to determine if the message should be played or not.  "0" will be the normal value which will be "OFF" (do not play).  "1" will be "ON" (play) and what certain users will go in to change the value to.  They will also need change the value back to "de-activate" the message.

I have not used Feature Control before but have read documentation.  Is SET one of the Nodes available to select under Feature Control/Node Control?  I know I can restrict at the node level, but can I at the script level?  Any other ideas on how to grant them permission to "activate" the variable?

Thanks for your help.

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