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ICM-IVR-Agent realtions

I would like to have for each agent hello message recorded and played when call reached an agent so that agent doesn't have to say 'Hello, I'm ...'. Does such functionality exist? If not, is there some way we could simulate it? Perhaps if we could send call from an agent back to IVR, IVR plays prompt and returns call back to the agent? How can we return call from agent back to IVR? It is the same functionality like when customer would like to enter its password on IVR for some Daabase check, and agent should not know it, so we send it back to IVR, IVR reads password and transfers call back to the agent.


Re: ICM-IVR-Agent realtions

This can be accomplished fairly easily. There are numerous ways to do this using database lookups, xml lookups, etc. I will just give you a basic example and it should give you a good enough idea on how it works to expand on it as needed.

Assume the following:

1. You have a CSQ named CSQ

2. An agent with an agent id of jsmith

3. You have a .wav file created named jsmith.wav

When you use the "Select Resource Step" you can check the box for "Connect" to NO. This will allow you to select the available resource, jsmith, play the .wav file jsmith.wav to the customer, then use the connect step to send the caller to jsmith.

The one caveat will be that after the customer hears the .wav file, they will hear ringing when it is sent to jsmith. I would suggest setting your agents to "Auto Answer" so the customer will hear the .wav file, and then be connected immediately to the agent.

The attached script is basic but should give you the idea.

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andy dignan -

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Re: ICM-IVR-Agent realtions

Thank you for your answer, but I'm asking how to do this in IPCC Enterprise envinronment.I beleive your answer is related to IPCC Express implementation. So I need some ICM skripting tricks on how to send a call to IVR, pass IVR data on whitch agent is selected in QueuToSkillGroup node, and after IVR plays agents promp t return that call to agent peviously selected. I beleive this can be done, but I still do not know how.


Re: ICM-IVR-Agent realtions

Sorry about that. I have yet to come up with a way to do this in IPCC Enterprise.

andy dignan - berbee

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