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New Member

ICM PG losing HDX messaging from SCCS??

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with an ICM PG and Symposium Server. Connectivity of the HDX is lost in between the PG and SCCS; causing all calls to default in Symposium. The known resolution to the issue; reboot of both Symposium Server and ICM Peripheral Gateway. (Restarting of the application services will not correct the issue). With that in mind, I believe there is some sort of socket issue. Real Time Data and Meridian Link remain error less and are received by the PG. Host Data Exchange is the only messaging no longer received by the PG.

The ICM PIM Log reflects the following error stating it has not gotten the HDX Message.

ProcessCallOffered: **Warning** Call offered message received before HDX_ARRIVED message for cid=(ID OF CALL RECORD)

The error above is followed by an error stating to check the SCCS scripts. The ICM PG still has yet to receive any HDX messages from Symposium. NOTE: All SCCS Scripts have proper SEND INFO syntax. Furthermore, all call routing works fine up to the loss of HDX. With that said, the following error is understandable.

HandleWaitForHDXInterflowedTimeout: **Warning** Have not receive an HDX Interflowed message for call '(ID OF CALL REC)'. Check your SCCS scripts

Has anyone else seen this issue?

I find it hard to believe a reboot is the only resolution. Some where along the line the PG stops getting all HDX messages.

The question is why?

A Network Sniffer has been placed on the network to observer traffic. We are waiting for the next HDX outage to occur. I hope the Sniffer provides some info.

Anyhow, if anyone has seen the issue listed above, please chime in on your thoughts.



Re: ICM PG losing HDX messaging from SCCS??

Resolution Problem When the HDX link looses network connectivity, Symposium, with the latest service pack SU09, now senses a loss of connectivity and attempts to send a DXM_SERVER_SHUTDOWN message. With this new enhancement, our software complains that it doesn't recognize the message, and therefore does not cycle the PIM.

New Member

Re: ICM PG losing HDX messaging from SCCS??

In short are you saying ICM does not understand the message to cycle the pim?

I've tried cycling the PIM on both sides (A/B),till i'm blue in the face; ICM will still not see the HDX messages.

The only way to get over this is to Reboot both ICM and Symposium.

New Member

Re: ICM PG losing HDX messaging from SCCS??

What was the solution to this problem, because we are seeing the same issue with Nortel Symposium HDX connectivity with ICM PIM.

New Member

Re: ICM PG losing HDX messaging from SCCS??

What version of SCCS are you running?

We have one site on 5.0 and were able to place in a SCCS patch and a PBX patch, Since then we have not seen the issue.

However, we have another site on SCCS 4.2 and it is still having HDX issues.

I will keep everyone updated with my quest. I'll reply back with the patches placed on the SCCS and PBX (For the 5.0 SCCS).


New Member

Re: ICM PG losing HDX messaging from SCCS??

Hello - IS Exit Router your name.

Thanks for your information. I will find the patch level of SCCS and PBX.


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