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ICM-Script Editor

Good Day to All,

can somebody give me a configuration assistance/document on how to edit script - i need to make some small changes on our script such as replacing the current extension to a new activated extension on the CCM admin.

Thank you,



Re: ICM-Script Editor

Hi Lester,

in this url,

you can find a document that explains you how to mannipulate a script with ICM Script Editor

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Re: ICM-Script Editor

This is very easily done. When you open your script normally there is a label at exit point that is what you may want to change.

keep in mind you can always revert to old version of your workign script.

Alternatively if you have old and new extensios still there then just do a forward all on call manager this is a quick temp fix.

Attached is the pdf for ICM script editor.

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Re: ICM-Script Editor

thx, i searched for it quite a while....and after 3 years your post is still needed

Re: ICM-Script Editor

Glad to be of assistance.  Feel free to reach out to me if I can help futher.

Thanks for the vote.


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Re: ICM-Script Editor

actually you can

i want to script the following:

start - collect data - if caller press 1 - forward to number xyz

                                 - if caller does nothing - release call

first question is should i use "collect data" or better the "menu" microapplication?

second: i have to choose a file ( wav ) but where should i put the file? normaly every prompt is played from the IVR.

and what should i select in "library type" and "protocol" ?

thank in advance....

New Member

Re: ICM-Script Editor

i forgot to tell you the version. i have to use the ICM Script Editor 7.0 what is a really

old version i gues..

the main problem are the Prompt media properties...and how to configure it to find the wav.

Re: ICM-Script Editor

What type of IVR are you using?  Assuming IPIVR, I would recommend keeping all prompting and data collection at the IVR, if CVP, this can be easily done with a micro-app using GD... refer to the CVP admin guide for the parameters to set.


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Re: ICM-Script Editor

exactly IPIVR, our senior just told we normaly use IVR for this. i have to read so much more....;)

so now mirco applications...

thx for your help...

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