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ICM Type 3 VRU with Alcatel IN - call abandons

Hi Guys,

This is a long shot but there must be other people out there with the same config...

We have ICM7.0 NAM with Type 3 Periphonics/Nortel NIVR.

The ICM & NIVR are both connected to Alcatel OSP IN.

When ICM receives a call from the IN, it executes Send to VRU and all the usual Run Script Request stuff.

When the ICM returns a Label to the IN, the IN & Switch Network (DMS) tears the call down from the NIVR. The NIVR freaks out and logs the call as abandoned. This is because the IN just sends a 'Bye' message to the NIVR and it doesn't indicate whether the call was successefully connected or abandoned.

So all our Type3 calls are showing up as Abandoned from an NIVR perspective. We are migrating from Type6 VRU (where NIVR was the Routing Client) so we haven't had this problem previously.

Has anyone encountered this and what have you done to overcome it?

Thanks heaps,


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Re: ICM Type 3 VRU with Alcatel IN - call abandons

Hi Lisa,

This is the correct behaviour for a type 3 VRU. There is no release message sent from the ICM to the VRU. The VRU will just see the call disconnect.

Is there anything Nortel can do to adjust their code, to not record an abandon on disconnect when the call is an ICM controlled call?

Hope this helps.


Community Member

Re: ICM Type 3 VRU with Alcatel IN - call abandons

Thanks JD, we have floated the idea of getting the NIVR to record 'disconnects' as a successful call instead of abandoned, but then we run the risk of masking genuine abandons.

I know there is nothing we can do from the ICM side, I was just wondering if anyone with Peri NIVRs has had the same problem.



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