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ICM/UCCE 7.5 scripting help needed

hi all

i have a few question about scripting in icm/cce

i have some practice in writing basic admin/routing scripts

my company recently installaed an icm/cce 7.5 in a bank for call center and collection purposes... since there is alot of teams doing different tasks i need

multiple Cisco Agent Desktop layouts with different Enterprise data displayed...

i've read a bit about doing this and from what i have found out is that it is done in a routing script... what it doesn't say anywhere is how... and there is not much literature online about scripting for icm/cce

i've tried setting a call variable before i route the call to the skill group as i read in the scripting guide... basicly i created the layout and arranged the data... i created the EntData variable with inedx number 252 and named it the same as an ECC i set um in ICM... and this is prety much where i'm stuck...

so any help about setting a non-default layout in cisco agent desktop with CCE7.5 would be wellcome...

i was also wondering what are the chances of using data from an SQL server and presenting it as enterprise data to agent desktop?

any help is wellcome

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Re: ICM/UCCE 7.5 scripting help needed

What you're doing sounds right, what part is making you stuck?  You just set the node in ICM to the name you've created through the CAD admin server.

On the SQL question, read up on workflows.  You can create a workflow to launch a webservice to retrieve some data based on a phone number, account number, etc.


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Re: ICM/UCCE 7.5 scripting help needed

ECC variable name in ICM:                     userCCLayout

variable 252 name in desktop admin:       CCLayout

layout name in desktop admin:               CCLayout

before the "GoTo Skillgroup" switch in the ICM script i set a variable with the following:

Object Type: Call

Variable:       userCCLayout

formula:        call.userCCLayout

is this formula incorrect?

i must be missing something...

for the DB lookup i will deaal with it when i get the new layout working...

thnx for the help

Re: ICM/UCCE 7.5 scripting help needed

The layout logic works pretty much the way it is described in the CAD documentation. Double check the naming of your ECC variable id 252. What did you name your ecc variable in ICM? What did you name it in CAD? Remember in CAD the name should not include the "user" prefix. Make sure you are writing the correct layout name into variable 252, this needs to exactly match the name of your layout in CAD.

For database reads you may want to look into the dblookup functionality in ICM. It's somewhat limited with what you can do but easy to setup if it works for you. Otherwise you could use the database querying abilities of CVP or IP-IVR. If none of those are suitable then you can go with some custom integration triggered by a CAD client desktop workflow.

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