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ICM v5 logger losing system time, router ignoring config messages

I have an ICM v5 CICM system which holds an ICM instance which has recently had data imported into it (using ICMDBA).

When I attempt to start up the instance processes, the logger waits for the router to start as normal. When the router attempts to load its config from the logger - specifically the ScriptData table, the logger shows messages that it has unable to get current time. After a few of these messages the router rtr process then states that it could not get current time from logger.

Logger then attempts to carry on after a delay, but rtr process on router just keeps stating "Config Message Ignored,Trans= 2000070, action=1, type=369". Then "Config Message Ignored, Trans=200070, action=4, type=369".

I have increased the MessageTimeout value in the registry on the logger (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Cisco Systems Inc/ICM/<instance name>/LoggerB/logger/configuration/time/MessageTimeout) This has been changed from 300 upto 450 (also up to 1200) but to no effect.

Anyone have any ideas?


Re: ICM v5 logger losing system time, router ignoring config mes

Try to sync all gateways and devices.

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