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Idea for disaster prompt recording


I want to prepare a script to make possible record and activate prompt when some massive disaster occurs.

Script as it self it is not a problem. I only wonder what would be the best option at IPCCX 5 with High Availability to echange info that disaster prompt has to be played.

From your experience is it better to use text file, xml file or database to pass variable between scripts?

Cisco Employee

Re: Idea for disaster prompt recording


can you please clarify your question? As far as I understand it you want to make some contingency planning and some scripts to run only in the occasion something specific occurs, you could use any of the specified methods for passing the variable among the scripts, it is just an additional condition you would verify against like if the office is opened a/o closed or it is a holiday season.




Re: Idea for disaster prompt recording

If you have HA, its best to use an XML file and upload this file into the document repository. This way the file is the same on both servers AND its included in the backup process.

adignan -

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Re: Idea for disaster prompt recording


To pass status I have an idea. At application managment config page in CRS webpage there is to change parameter.

Is it possible to use it as kind of GLOBAL VARIABLE?

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Re: Idea for disaster prompt recording

Here is a script that I use which will enable you to call a route point and based on your menu selection it changes a .txt file varible from open to closed.

The script "ForceOpenOrClosed" does just that it will change the .txt varible from open to closed (it requires a pin for security). The script "GetClosedSpecialStatus" will set a string based on a .txt file.

I have never joined a recording script to a closer script I usually have the recordings prerecorded to save time in case of an emergency. If you want to also record a message at the same time you close the script let me know I can make one of those up for you in a few seconds.

FYI,, .wav's are G729

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Re: Idea for disaster prompt recording

Hi again,

"write document" is not an option in HA, because it writes file only on active server.

As you wrote an option is upload file, but before this there must be "authenticated user".

Is there any othjer option than usiing user with admin rights??

I assumed it is 100% the same with rights for web access administration. Is it correct??

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