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New Member

Ideal Database location?

We are looking to start making use of the DB lookup node. Is there an ideal machine to place the databases on to reduce network traffic? Should I put them on the routers?

ICM 7.0 Enterprise.

Thanks in advance


Re: Ideal Database location?

you can't put ICM 7.0 databases on a router.

an ideal place could be the ICM server itself or a dedicated SQL server.

i use ICMDBA or SQL on my ICM servers to create, manipulate and maintain my IPCC databases. i only have about 140 agents so my ICM is not so busy to house the database(s).

New Member

Re: Ideal Database location?


I need a help too.

I want to create a database table with 2000 unique entries against 100 agents (using agent id). Say about 1 agent with 20 entries. My primary key will be entries.

I will collect caller enter digits using IVR and send the same to icm.

After this, i want to use dblookup node in icm 7.0 and use lookup value as call entries and match against caller entered digits and route the call to respective agent using agent id.

thanks in advance


Re: Ideal Database location?

Hello there,

I would not bother using the DB lookup node in ICM script editor. It is just too "simple" ;-)

What I usually do is set a variable, run an external (IVR) script that catches the ICM variable, performs the DB lookup and sets ICM variables at the end.

New Member

Re: Ideal Database location?

configured ivr and sending four digits to icm script. and used dblookup node with call.callerenteredigits formula.

however, connected to agent to agent node we have used database.tablename.agentid. i have enclosed script shot for reference.

Re: Ideal Database location?

Hi there,

can you please tell us what is it you are trying to achieve with this? I sort of feel I am not quite following you here... thanks.

New Member

Re: Ideal Database location?


1.Created a DB in HDS Server. in this DB, a table with 2 columns is created. one column is 4 digit code (primary key) and second is column is agent id.

2. we will collect digits in ivr and send the same to icm dblookup node (call.callerentereddigits). when there is a match send the same to agent (agent to agent node)

3. we have enabled database routing and mixed mode authentication in sql.

however, the calls are getting dropped after dblookup node.

please help

Re: Ideal Database location?

Alright then.

I. on CRS, create a script that does the following:

1. Start

2. Get Enterprise Call Info (map Call.PeripheralVariable 1 to local variable variable1)

3. perform database lookup using the Read DB and Get DB steps

4. set Enterprise call Info (map local variable variable2 to Call.PeripheralVariable2)

II. on ICM:

1. set node Call.Peripheralvariable1 = [here comes the value got with the collectdigits CRS script]

2. run external script node - the script above

3. Queue Agent node (and not agent to agent) where the agent expression will be Call.PeripheralVariable2

Let me know...


Re: Ideal Database location?


In our deployments, we have used a separate SQL Server machine, but in the same network segment.

We are using customer database with about 10 million customers, so it is better to have this tables out of the ICM SQL Server LOgger databases or in other ICM component.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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