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Inconsistent Agent state between WIM and ICM

   We are deploying a WIM (ver 4.3.2) for one of customers,  it is integrated to UCCE (ver 7.2.7), in universal queue, so agents can answer voice calls as well as handle chat. It works well so far, but there is weird issue on agent state.

Sometimes, when agent login WIM agent console,  and checks 'available' box,   Webview agent real time report shows he is in 'active'.  My understand, this state really means 'talking'.  During testing,  I can see 'not active' maps to 'ready', and 'active' to 'talking.    This doesn't happen all the time, and it happens to most of agents, very inconsistent.

When I check CTI server log,  I can see such 'active' agent state in log, that means WIM does report 'active' state to ICM sometimes  even in no chat condition.  Does anyone see this issue, or know why?

By the way,  sometimes, when agents handles voice call,  agent state in WIM MRD shows 'interrupted',  I believe it is normal because this agent should not take any chat request in that moment, both voice and chat are not interruptible.  However it is not consistent, most of time, agent state in WIM MRD doesn't change when agent in voice call.

Appreciated any help.


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