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Insert informational announcement

I have created a simple call center for an internal helpdesk.  I have been asked to incorporate a way for an informational announcement to be recorded on the fly to announce to callers things such as, "We are experiencing an internet outage and are currently working on the problem.  If you are calling about another issue, please press 1."  This is so that we don't get 50 calls all on the same issue.  If there is no announcement to be made, the call just goes to the normal queue process.  I don't know of another way to do this other than a wav file that is uploaded to the system but that requires several previous steps such as recording the announcement, saving as wav, uploading it to CCX.  What they want is basically to pick up the phone, record the announcement, and that's it as for intervention.

I've tried intercepting the DNIS for the helpdesk and directing it to a vmail box that plays the announcement and then transfers callers to the helpdesk.  This works but, it also requires that someone get onto CUCM and set the DNIS to forward all to vmail.

Another thing that was just thrown into the mix is that during non-business hours they want the caller to be able to press 1 to leave a vmail, press 2 to contact the on-call technician, or if a real emergency (major outage), press 3 to get the NOC.

Truthfully, this is getting out of my comfort zone and expertise.  Even if I could just see a Script that does this, it might help. I still don't know how to do an on-the-fly announcement in CCX at all.



The on the fly message can be

The on the fly message can be turned on by an external XML file or DB lookup. The recording of the file would be a new script which all it does is record a new prompt and save it. While you will find a lot of examples around the forums, you will not find a ready made solution. You might want to reach out to one of the partners for some assistance as this might take you weeks to solve and a trained person can probably do it in a few days.

As for the other request, look at the menu step, this should point you in the right direction. There's a UCCX repository with some sample scripts which you can use as guides.



New Member

David,I know how to do a menu


I know how to do a menu in CCX so that's not the sticking point here.  I've actually got it to work all via Exch UM voicemail.  I forward all the DNIS to an auto attendant, play an Informational Announcement during business hours and then transfer to another trigger for the helpdesk.  After hours the AA has a non-business hours menu with the three options.  The AA announcement can be changed via TUI and doesn't require anyone to administratively access CUCM or EXUM.

For right now, this will do.  I'll look further into the other options.

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Hi all,Through this method,

Hi all,

Through this method, is the quality of the recording good / acceptable?



New Member

The quality of the recording

The quality of the recording is excellent, as clear as a phone call.

As David mentioned you could

As David mentioned you could use the prompt recording application that is in the UCCX script repository to record the prompt.

You can even modify the recording prompt to like record a prompt to overwrite one that you already have in your system, so in that way you could do the "on-the-fly" announcemen.


For the menu you should use the menu step and create different filters for each option, please check the documentation for the email step in the following link.



New Member

Sorry to seem to dense but...

Sorry to seem to dense but... I can't find a recording script example.  I recall seeing a bunch of scripts recently but for the life of me I can't find them.  That link takes me to a page filled with PDFs and I've looked through many of them.

Check the Cisco Unified

Check the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Script Repository 9.0(2) in there you will have a script called BaseLinePrompt.aef that has an example of the prompt recording application.

New Member

Oh my gosh!  I got it!  I

Oh my gosh!  I got it!  I watched a youtube video of creating a recording script that let you do up to 10 recordings and it added a suffix to the filename, etc.  I didn't want that so was able to modify it to record just one file name.  I then modified the Service Desk app to have a checkbox parameter option to playInfoAnnounce true/false.  The announcement plays before it checks if the call center is open or not.  It could be after Service Desk hours and we have a major issue to tell callers of.

I then had to handle sending callers to either the Exch UM Auto Attendant with the options to leave a vmail, contact the On-Call, or contact the NOC or, to send callers directly to leave a vmail.  I couldn't just goto label CallVoicemail because callers also have the option to leave a vmail while waiting on hold in queue.  I didn't want it to say press 1 to leave a voicemail and then get a menu where they have to do the same thing again.  So... I added another lable of CallServiceMenu.  If it is during business hours and there are agents logged in, caller wants to leave a vmail, they go directly to the vmail box.  If during business hours and there are NO agents logged in, callers go directly to the Service Desk Auto Attendant menu.  After hours, callers go to the Auto Attendant menu.

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