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Installling CAD on Citrix Presentation Server

When attempting to install the Cisco Agent Desktop, I have followed the documentation published by Cisco related to installing CAD on a Citrix server. The installation seems to run correctly thru the interview process but once this is complete and you proceed to install the agent, the installation minimizes itself to the taskbar and stalls. It will stay like this for as long as you let it without any progress until ultimately you are left to reboot the server as the only way out of this bad installation. I have run Sysinternal's Filemon to watch the process but I have not found any indication of a failure that stands out. It looks like it just stops installing. My environment consists of 2 Windows 2003 R2 Servers with Service Pack 2 installed, Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 with all current patches applied, and IPCC Express 4.0(4). Has anyone run into a similar situation? If so, any resolves that can be learned from would be appreciated


Re: Installling CAD on Citrix Presentation Server

Make sure that you have not mapped the C drive to the system drive, need to map it to some other drive.

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