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internal & external

is there a function in the script to make it recognise internal and external numbers, basically any call from the 3XXX range I want it to go into a high priority queue than a call from any other number range



Re: internal & external

IPCC Express or Enterprise?

In IPCCEnterprise, you can just use the vb functions to check the first character. If it is 3, then you would queue to a skillgroup with high priority

In IPCC Express, you can use java functions to get the first character. Do the same as I stated above.

Hope that helps. Please rate posts. Let me know what IPCC you are using. And I can take screenshots and send it to you

New Member

Re: internal & external

thanks for you reply

I am using ipcc express

thanks again


Re: internal & external

Attached is a CRS 3.5 script which identifies the first digit of a calling number as a "3" and increases the priority of the call. Alternatively, the call could be queued to a different "higher priority" CSQ.

Note that you need to have an IPCC Express package which includes the use of Java steps and the Set Priority step requires at least IPCC Express Enhanced. Please rate useful posts.

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Re: internal & external

that works great. one thing, the only, option I see under the java tree is "add remote java object"

what do I need to do to see the execute steps etc?


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