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IP Communicator with CTI OS Problem


I am trying to migrate from hard phones to using IP Communicator in in my contact center. We are running UCCE 7.X, CTI Agent Desktop 7.5 and IP CIPC

The communicator registers with the call manager, can even make and receive calls. However, when I login to the CTI Toolkit Agent Desktop and choose an instrument that is an IP Communicator (like instrument 1101 which is the number of the soft phone), when the call comes in, it displays an error "the call has failed because resources are not available. Please wait a moment and try again." followed by a busy tone, thus its unable to receive calls.

Has anyone of you come across this problem before?  Could you please suggest a solution for me?

Thank you.



Re: IP Communicator with CTI OS Problem


It seems that there's a virus attack on the particular systems, install Antivirus and clean viruses, Also check the connectivity between call manager and CIPC, make a continous ping and see the result.

If it doesn't work then re-install CIPC again.


Muhammad Fahad Raza

New Member

IP Communicator with CTI OS Problem

I am having almost the same issue,

We are running Call Manager 6.1, UCC(E) Enterprise 7.01 (CTIOS 7.5, CTI Toolkit 7.5.1) and using a 7970 hardphone.

My agents log into the hardphone with extension mobility with one userID and password. Next they log into the CTI toolkit with another userID and password and viola they are "ready" to take calls.

I tried to move from the hardphone to CIPC version 7 but after logging into CIPC the CTI Toolkit will not authenticate the account and allow them to take calls. The CTI Toolkit sees the agents profile but stalls at allowing them to go into READY mode.

Any ideas and a config issue I am missing on the CIPC profile. When I revert back to the hardphone everything works fine!!!!!!

IP Communicator with CTI OS Problem

Sounds like a codec issue.  Did you check the compatiblity matrix for your UCCE version to confirm that CIPC is supported?


New Member

IP Communicator with CTI OS Problem

Are you using mobility with it ? We are thinking of doing samething convertin hard to softphone with extension mobility. Is there a configuration guide somewhere for it.

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