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IP IVR CRTP Cisco Repository Transport Protocol

I am attempting to use the CRTP protocol to access a prompt stored in the CRS repository. The location in the repository is user\en_us\READ\TEST\test.wav.

I have specified crtp:/Prompts/lang en-US/READ/TEST/test.wav to retrieve the prompt with no success.

Has any one used CRTP successfully to retrieve a prompt.

I am trying to find a way to upload a prompt to both sides of System IPCC IP IVR pair. I can upload a prompt on the IVR where the call lands to record a closed meeting message but I do not know of a good way to upload the prompt to the other IVR in the pair which is required because System IPCC does not support a clustered IVR.

I plan to use an http trigger to invoke the update but so far have not found a good way to get the prompt to the second IVR.



Re: IP IVR CRTP Cisco Repository Transport Protocol

For Upload Document step (as well as for Upload Prompt step and Upload Grammar step) next remarks has to be made:

Use the Upload Document step to add a document to the repository database. Uploading a document makes it accessible to all the CRS servers in the cluster and allows it to be backed up with all other

repository data.

Although the repository database is meant to hold documents used by scripts, do not use the Upload Document functionality to store all types of documents. There is no provision for a delete document operation from a script. Also, the system will not ehave properly if this step is over-utilized. This means that this step has not been designed to be extensively used by all calls coming into the system. Rather, the step is meant for updating documents in the repository database from time to time.

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