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IP IVR multiple contacts handling

We have to make an IP IVR application that places calls to many directory numbers (DNs), when answered, it plays a record. First, we made an application that contains a loop. This loop reads a DN from a database, places a call for that DN ; when answered it plays a prompt, terminates and the goes to the next DN (that means that it loops)

This application worked but now we want that application to place calls simultaneously so we changed the scenario.

The scenario is the following : Application App1 contains a loop that reads information from a client database, and for each record it places a call (Trigger_Call) to trigger application App2 with 'Place a Call' step.

App2 reads the DN of the client and places a call (client_Call) to that DN, when the client answers it plays a record and then terminate.

So normally, we have 1 instance of application 1 and many instances of application 2 at the same time (multiple calls placed to clients DNs).

The problem is that when the last instance of application 2 terminates (that mean that the last call is over) application 1 terminates too.

When debugging the first application we have the 'Invalid Runtime Parameters' exception. We tried the 'Inactive Contact' exception but it didn't work.

We think that the problem is due to multiple contacts handling at the same time, since at the same time we have more than one 'Trigger_call'.

How can we avoid that situation ?


Re: IP IVR multiple contacts handling

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