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IP Phone Agent password issue

I am running UCCX Expres 7.0 SR3 with CM 7.02, I have setup the agent one button login and entered all the information into the services options, when I try to login via the phone I get an error message saying "incorrect password". I have tested with CAD and I am able to login just fine and was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue. Thanks

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Re: IP Phone Agent password issue

First I would suggest not running your customer on SR3. It was rescinded due to bugs. Since you have already passed SR2 your only option is SR4 but some are seeing some unexpected behavior with it. I would only recommend it for UCM 7.1(3) compatibility until the dust settles more.

As for IPPA:

-The IPPA-specific application user has CTI control/association over that device?

-You're using the user's password and not their PIN for IPPA login, right?

-Does the password have any special characters that could have DB or Tomcat significance? It's very possible the code is not escaping something properly.

-Are you able to login if you enter the password manually at the phone instead of pre-populating it in the phone service? If so this would be a UCM bug.

-If AD integrated: Do you see audit logging on the DC showing a login attempt to signal it is passing the AXL authentication to UCM at all?

-If not AD integrated: You may want to see if UCM is seeing an authentication request from CCX.


Re: IP Phone Agent password issue

Any resolution on this, I am having a similar issue with one IPPA out of 2.

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Re: IP Phone Agent password issue

No, I was going to test this in our Lab this afternoon, it looks more like a CM 7 bug then a IPCC bug, as I am able to login just fine with the non one button login. I will keep you posted.


Re: IP Phone Agent password issue

I resolved my problem but I think mine is more simple then yours. I just ripped out the phone and started from scratch, I am sure it was a typo somewhere. I am only running IPCC 5.x anyway....

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