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IPC Set Variable Action

It looks like Cisco have added a new action to the IPC Receive events functionality under Remote Access. Based on the documentation, I should be able to send a UDP message to CAD and instruct it to change the value of a given variable. I can get the other UDP messages (MakeCall/Chat/Record/Notify) to work, but my same code seems to have no effect when I send the "Set Variable" message. Has anyone used this yet?

My test scenario is to deliver an ACD call to an agent. While that agent is on the call I run my test code (on the agents pc) which sends the UDP message to the local CAD. I then transfer the call to a second agent. I would have expected that by the time the call gets to the second agent the enterprise data that we're displaying in CAD would have been updated with the new value; however the data is unchanged.

I'd appreciate any insight.



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Re: IPC Set Variable Action

Maybe this is obvious, but make sure under the { Cisco Desktop Admin -> workflow -> Enterprise Data }you allow the agent to edit the enterprise data. Its a checkbox.

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Re: IPC Set Variable Action

Thank you for a quick response. We are allowing the agent to change Enterprise Data.

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