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IPCC 3.5.2 Script migrated to UCCX 7.0 - Enterprise data broken now

After a LONG overdue upgrade to a new version of Contact Center Express 7.0 I am having some issues with the converted script that UCCX converted when opened by the editor.  Specifically, the Enterprise Data layout that was working in 3.5.2 is no longer working, as it currently stands.  Part of my problem is that simple "set" steps looks like they were converted to "if" statements and then inserted back into the script.  I can't figure out why it did it, but if I change the Set statement as shown from 200 to a custom field of 232 and another IF statement from 203 to 233 then the whole enchilada breaks and not only does it not pass the data through to the ACD, ALL callers receive a message that all agents are busy.

The second part of my problem is trying to figure out the _TmpRsrcsomerandomnumber that was auto generated for the script conversion, as well as the random variable names.  I have 4 if Statements under each Select Resource statement at the top of the screen capture.  Only one of the If statements is expanded.  There are 3 select resource sections of the script for a total of 12 set statements.  Previosly it was simple.  If selected, set variable 10, etc then connect the call.  Thats it.  None of the junk below.

UCCX Enterprise Data Flow Step.JPG

Anybody out there speak script on the new version?  I have to admit that this stuff boggles my mind and when the conversion does something like this, I kind of need to know the "why" before I can figure out "how" to fix it.  Any clues?

As a side note, I kind of figure my information isn't coming across because previously unused fields in IPCC are now used in UCCX to hold other data.  If there is a better way to capture data that I need to present to CAD in fields that pre-exist?  I mean, why re-invent the wheel if its been made for me to use in the first place in the new version?

EDIT:  Oh, and Upgrade isn't the correct term for the process I went through.  Its a Migration, and I know the difference, but as far as the script goes its an upgrade.  I didn't re-write the thing.

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Re: IPCC 3.5.2 Script migrated to UCCX 7.0 - Enterprise data bro

I re-wrote the script, removed all of the garbage If statements the conversion did, and then set up one Set Enterprise Info step with everything I needed in it.  Its all working, see the following post....

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