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IPCC 3.5(3) Drops Calls When Hold Step is Reached

Hello All,

I have a very unique problem that I am hoping you can help me with.

I have setup a test environment that has 4 PSTN gateways located in St. Louis, Chicago, and LA(2). Both LA sites have new 2821 routers while the other two sites have order 2600 series routers.

I have 4 telephone numbers - one from each site that point to the same IPCC 3.5(3) SR3 queue. For the test I used the standard icd.aef script. From each of the four numbers I reach the queue and have no problems. I am using a test phone the logs into the queue using the phone agent.

I then followed Cisco?s article (40664) and modified the ?icd.aef? file by adding the commands to allow Music on Hold for waiting callers (Added ?Call Hold? and ?CallUnHold?). Other then that change the icd.aef file remained unchanged. I did this because this is the area we think we have the problem.

When I called through the St. Louis and Chicago gateways the script\IPCC worked fine. I tried 20 times from each with no failures

.When I call through the LA gateways the call is presented to the agent and drops. The agent sees the phone ring but the call is gone before the agent can pick it up. The call is logged as abandoned. The caller is placed back in the queue (I am not sure where). This issue is reproducible 100% percent of the time.

As mentioned earlier the only difference between the LA gateways and the two working gateways is the routers.

As a work around I have removed the call hold\unhold from our production script and things are working fine (the callers just gets dead air when waiting). We now play a message that says? please hold during the silence).

I am at a lost. Can anyone give me a hand with this?? Cisco TAC will not help me because they consider this a custom script. It seems more like a bug to me.




Re: IPCC 3.5(3) Drops Calls When Hold Step is Reached


I have faced that problem. In my case, the solution was check the Pations/Calling Search Speces of the Agent Phone and gateways. If your are sending a call from IPCC Express CTI Ports and one of the gateways to an agent phone that is not set up in the corresponding Partition/Calling Search Spaces the behaviour of the call is as you have described.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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