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IPCC 4.0(4) Cluster installation questions


Will install IPCC 4.0(4) cluster with CallManager 4.1(3). Read the installation guide and some Cisco presentation stuff, I was a little confused for the installation procedures:

(1) Cluster configuration should be done after all the two nodes CRS Software installation finish or before begining the 2nd node CRS installation? or does it not matter?

(2) Install SQL 2000 on the active server after its server setup or before Server setup, or does it not matter?

(3) Install SQL 2000 on the standby server have to complete the active server with SQL installed, and after active server setup, am I correct?

(4)Can BARS data source server be configured on Publisher CallManager and data target for both of the CRS servers or have to install BARS on Active CRS Server and configured it as data source server so that CallManager and CRS BARS will have two different data source server? or I understood wrongly?

(5) During CRS software installation, in the LDAP server information, I can only input one LDAP server or can have more than one? If only one, the LDAP server should be the Publisher CallManager instead of Subscriber Callmanager if DC Directory selected?

(6) As question (5), if the Publisher CallManager server is down(LDAP is offline), is there any impact for IPCC? such as IPCC agent, phone agent, and supervisor desktop? and its High availability?




Re: IPCC 4.0(4) Cluster installation questions

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Re: IPCC 4.0(4) Cluster installation questions


- You may install the 2 nodes then procede to cluster/server setup.

- SQL 2000 installation can be done just after clicking Finish Button at the end of the node installation. You can also install it later.

- You can input the 2 LDAP servers (the publisher then the subscriber separated by a ',' or ' ').

- When a callmanager is down, there is no impact on active calls, calls queued calls are lost, and new calls arrive to the subscriber callmanager.

One last iportant thing : Be Sure that the IPCC Express License supports High Availability

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