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IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Has anyone had any experience with upgrading CallManager 4.1(3) to CUCM 7.0 in an environment that also has IPCC express 4.0(5)_Build042? Is this version of IPCC compatible with CUCM 7.0?

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Hardware and software compatibility, including CCX to UCM versions, is in the compatibility guide.

Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide for Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR:

As for the CCX upgrade process: There isn't one. You must reformat the server when moving to 4.5, 5.0, or 7.0. Anything you want to keep should be backed up manually. This means screen shots for each page of the CRS Administration site and saving any prompts/scripts/documents before beginning the Windows 2003 image install.

There is a migration tool that allows you to migrate a portion of your historical reporting database to the new version. Here's the documentation on it.

UCCX HR-DataMigration Guide 4.0.5x to 7.0.1:

There are ample postings on this forum and posted documentation related to upgrading UCM from 4.1 to 7.0 so I'll presume you don't need clarification on that.

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

We recently went through a very similar upgrade. We upgraded from 4.2(3) to 7.0 and things went pretty well. You have to upgrade IPCCx to 5 or 7 at the same time. (We went to 7.)

If you do the upgrade, make sure you run the HRDataMigrator restore (if you use it) before you do any configuration. We had a new server to install CCX on and had it completely pre-configured before we ran the data migrator. After we ran it all the RM configuration was gone and we had to rebuild it.

Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade


I'm going to do a similar upgrade, I'll upgrade both Cucm 4.1 to 7.0 and UCCX 4.0(x) to 7.0(x). The unified CM upgrade will be quite soft because of DMA tool, but I didn't understood the upgrade procedure to UCCX 7.0. The procedure will be manual ? There isnt any migration tool in more than one step ?

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade


It is very manual. You have to re-create all the config on your CCX server. The only thing that you'll be able to move is this historical data. (Make sure when you move the historical data you do it before you create any of the other data, especially anything under the RM config.)

The HR Data Migrator document gives you a good list of things to go off of. Make sure you get screenshots or something of your config so you have them if you're using the same server. We had the benefit of moving to a new server.

Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Thank you very much,

I rated you ;-).

I planned to do the migration on a new server in a lab.

Was you able to use the same script on the new version of CCX ?

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Thanks for the rating! That was probably my first one! :)

Surprisingly I didn't have to upgrade the scripts. I was very pleased by that.

I did however spend about 4 hours on the phone with Cisco.

I was doing the same thing. We a new CCM server and a new CCX server. I prebuilt both of them in the lab and did the initial configuration. We had everything working as expected then I rebuilt the CCM server with live data. At this point, I had to "re-install" CCX because it didn't like the fact that CCM had changed. I believe I did a repair from the CD and the reapplied SR1. Everything was great. I had all the prompts, scripts, apps, triggers, etc created. The only thing I lost when applying the HRData was the RM config. (CSQ's, skills, resoruces, etc.)

Oh, there was a bug in the version of DMA tool that I used where it didn't record any of the agent information so we had to reset all the IPCC extensions on all the agents.

The rebuild wasn't fun but it did give us a chance to clean some things up...

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Hi Friends,

I have read most of the posts here.. thanks for your valuable inputs.

I have to do a similar upgrade where we have CRS 4.0(5) upgrading to UCCX 7.0(1), we have CRS deployed as HA model.

We dont have spare hardware so we have to carefully do the upgrade. I have few clarifications, help me clearing the dust.

1. HDS data backup - (using which utility)? Datamigration tool?

2. Can i do the restore of this backup as i have read in the "UCCX_HR_Datamigration_Guide 4.0.5x to 7.0.1" page 3 which says "Note: Restore operation is not supported on a High Availability (HA) deployment model.", if this is the case then how do i restore the historical database?

3. I need to take screen captures of all the configurations done on the system?

4. I need to take backup of all the scripts/prompts etc?

1) After doing this then i've to do the fresh install of 7.0.1 on existing servers?

2) Then restore the HR Data? but how? as above point 2 says restore will not work with HA deployment.

3) Creating all the configurations which were there in the old system?

Please let me know where i am going wrong in understanding this? this looks to be pretty messy affair.



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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

1. You'll need to backup all the data off the server. Including what you get from the data migration tool.

2. I'm not sure about that. I don't know if you can break the HA, build up the new server then restore the HA.

3. The screen captures help a lot. There is no way to restore any of the data. You can write it all down if you like but the captures worked well.

4. You need to backup anything that is a file! Scripts, prompts, documents, grammers, custom files, etc.

1) Correct, you install 7.0.1 and the service releases.

2) I'm not sure what you can do about the HA. As stated before you may be able to build it as a standalone then migrate to HA.

3) This is the worst part, you have to redo everything! All the web interface stuff and all the desktop administrator stuff including work flows have to be recreated.

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

1. You can download the tool from the IPCC section of Cisco's download page.

2. Build the first node. Run the HR restore before adding the second node. When you build the HA node it'll replicate the HR data over.

3. Take screen shots of all applications, skills (open printable report page), teams, CSQ's and their configurations and so on. This will make all the difference if you somehow lose data on both systems.

4. Yes. Also remember to save all documents that are used by scripts. This includes xml files used for time of day and holiday routing. I've seen these placed all over the system...

Since you have an HA setup, yank the second node out and build it to 7 first. There is no real need to build them both at the same time. If you have the option, build the new server with a different hostname and IP. This way you can add the new 7.x server to the new CCM cluster and run both at the same time. The HR tool doesn't require you to import to a server with the same IP and Hostname.

When you cut over to the new IPCC system, you can then build the other server in to the new cluster. The risk is not having a failover during the cutover, but you have a quick failback to the original server if needed.

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Very helpful tips. Thank you!!

Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Hi there, anyone did that from IPCC 4.5.2 to CCX 7.0.1

I'am trying to restore the config ( I have configure the 7.0.1 server with the same IP / hostname ) and I have an error when I do the restore.

I select the restore, 15minutes after it ask to try again.

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Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

I hope you are not adding second server in the cluster . You need to perform restore on the first node before adding second server to cluster.. and yes, try new IP Address/Hostname, as it is documented that Restore may not work if you use same Hostname/IP address.

Re: IPCC 4.0(5) and CUCM Upgrade

Right now I am trying the restore for the first node.

To use the same IP, Well I don't think it is documented but I did it. And I have this message when I try to import it :

*There was a problem extracting the tar file. Please start the Restore process again!

in the logs I see this


Class=class,Reason=:SYNC_ON_START or SYNC_ON_MASTER_CHANGE- failed as dbManager is not yet initialized:2009-09-24 10:48:19.376

1455: Sep 24 10:48:39.032 EDT %MADM-ADM_CFG-7-UNK:BARSAdminServlet - doRestore - FileSystemException occuredThere was a problem extracting the tar file.Please start the Restore process again!

1456: Sep 24 10:48:39.032 EDT %MADM-ADM_CFG-3-ADM_EXCEPTION:Unknown ADM Exception: There was a problem extracting the tar file.Please start the Restore process again!

1457: Sep 24 10:48:39.032 EDT There was a problem extracting the tar file.Please start the Restore process again!

any idea ?