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IPCC 4.0 HA from MSDE to SQL server

I installed an IPCC 4.0(5) cluster of 2 servers. I checked the SQL server box when I installed the servers, but at that time I hadn't the fourth Cisco CRS CD with the MSQL.

I have now all CDs, and I tried to install now (after few weeks) the SQL server. I have installed the SQL server without problems in the master server, but after first reboot, the Cisco CRS SQL utility (SQL Update) runs automatically, time after time, always the same, time after time...

I thought that this utility updates the CRS LDAP cluster profile with new MS SQL server 2000 info, expanding the DDBB sizes. In my case, every time when I run the update utility, takes a short time.

I installed SQL server in the standby server. When it reboots at first time the same occurs, the SQL Update runs automatically, time after time... I have rebooted both servers several times, but always the same occurs.

I have seen that the Cisco CRS SQL utility (SQL Update) is placed at: C:\Program Files\wfavvid\UpdateTool\UpdateTool.exe

In regedit, I see that in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run appears a variable called ?ValidateNode? that calls the C:\Program Files\wfavvid\UpdateTool\UpdateTool.exe utility.

In SQL Entrerprise Manager all seems to be right. In the the CRS web admin I see the Control Center apparently without problems, but I?m not sure?

Somebody has any idea why this SQL Update runs automatically after every reboot, and then, after every execution without terminate?

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,


Community Member

Re: IPCC 4.0 HA from MSDE to SQL server

Hi all,

I have to open a TAC case.

They suspect we are hitting known defect CSCsc72942 - SQL Utility is invoked every time on restarting the CRS machines.

I'm working on it.



Cisco Employee

Re: IPCC 4.0 HA from MSDE to SQL server

Hi David,

this looks a lot CSCsc72942. There is no harm in it.



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