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IPCC 4.5 had a bug with script/directory do 7.x have this bug?

Hi there,

I had a bug in IPCC 4.5.2 that I am askimg me if it is in 7.x.

I will try to explain the bug but it's been a while.

Basicly, the bug happend when I put a script.aef in a directory instead of at the root directory where all scripts are.  I remember something bad was allways happend in the application that used the script that was in the directory.( I don'T really remember what but that was a known bug)

The fix was to put all the scripts at the root, at the same place.

I am asking me if there is still that with ipcc 7.x because I will merge two offices and I would like to do a directory.


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Re: IPCC 4.5 had a bug with script/directory do 7.x have this bu


Reading your post it looks like you are placing scripts on the file system and not uploading them through the Script Repository. It is recommended to upload scripts through the AppAdmin Script Repository page instead of putting them directly on the file system. If you do it this way, they are placed on the file system, replicated to any standby servers and a pointer is placed in the database to the file. In addition, when moving to the UCOS Linux platform in 8.0, this will be the only possible way of placing scripts on the server.

Now, to more directly answer your question, I have not seen issues in UCCX 7.0 placing scripts in folders other than the root. If you can provide me with the specific bug number (I tried searching internally but was unable to find anything with that description), I can make sure it is resolved and test the same scenario in the lab on UCCX 7.0 if you would like.

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