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IPCC 4 install

I noticed in IPCC 4.x, when I install IPCC, it only asks LDAP server and CCM server. It didn't ask CTI manager anymore as it did in 3.x. My question is

1. How does CCM provides redundancy on CTI manager as we did in 3.x?

2. During the install it asks CCM address, can we put 2 CCM over there?



Re: IPCC 4 install

CTI Manager is configured in the JTAPI provider under Subsystems, Jtapi configuration. In the JTAPI Provider field put in an IP of your primary comma IP of your secondary.


The LDAP configuration I assume is what you are asking for about the CCM address. I don't recall the installer asking for the CCM address (I thought that was configured post install). In 4.x LDAP is referenced in two areas. Again use the ip comma ip from above to handle redunancy.

1st area - System, LDAP information

This handles where the CRS repository information is stored (CRS Profile)

2nd area - Tools, User Management

This handles the user store where your Agent information is retrieved from as well as user IPCC administration user info (It is labeled as CallManager LDAP).

All of these are available via the AppAdmin web page.

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Re: IPCC 4 install

Thanks very much for your reply. Actually in 3.x CTI manager and jtapi provider are different protocal. If we didn't configure 2nd CTI manager during the installation, even you configure two jtapi providers in the setup, when 1 CCM which is setup as CTI manager failed, IPCC will not work on anther jtapi provider(more likely CCM publisher in most small medium system, which if not setup as secondary CTI manager during the intall). I guess maybe in 4.x CTI and Jtapi are conbined together.

Re: IPCC 4 install

It's been a little while since I worked with 3.x but I did just verify in the docs that the CTI managers are configured in the JTAPI Provider field and multiple are specified separated by comma. If the 1st CTI Manager becomes unavailable then the next one connects and maintains the call. So as long as you are now using 4.x your redunancy should be working (of course like you said assuming you are running a 2nd CTI Manager).

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