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IPCC 4.x Premium Rename a prompt through a script?

I am designing a script that will allow supervisors and agents to post outage messages by calling into the script. I am able to record and save the script but would like to allow the caller to verify if there is already an outage message and then choose an option to remove the outage message.

1. How can I have the script report the existance of a particular named prompt in a specific prompts directory?

2. How can I rename or delete a prompt from inside of a script?


Re: IPCC 4.x Premium Rename a prompt through a script?

I have done something similar. Instead of deleting or renaming the message (or replacing it with a short silence), I use a flag in an XML file which specifies whether the message should be played or not.

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Re: IPCC 4.x Premium Rename a prompt through a script?

you can overwrite the existing message if any which i have done in one of my script.

basically what i have done in one customer for outages i have saperate script, if there is any outage agent/supervior dials that number and listen if there is existing outage or not if yes that i gave them option to record new message which overwrite the existing one. If there is no message than too record new one. And i was storing this information in small database and querying that database in main script if there is outage enabled than play in the script if not than continue.

If you are looking for something like this let me know i will help you in designing.

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Re: IPCC 4.x Premium Rename a prompt through a script?

I should have added this to the original post. Our agents currently drop a specifically named wav file into an, "Outages" mapped drive. Each client script has a prompt referencing the particluar outage message name. Basically, if an outage message exists, it will play, otherwise it will skip the step. Anyone who has access to the drive is allowed to enter outage messsages.

My goal is for remote access through the phone for the Call Center manager to modify, add and or delete messages.

Matthew, I have limited knowledge in how to integrate XML/HTML triggers into a script. could you provide more insite on the coding in your trigger and script for the outage message?

Daljeet, your solution seems very close to what I am looking for but am concerned about relying on another database to maintain. Could you provide more assistance on your design?

In return, if either one of you are interested, I designed a script that bypasses Unity voicemail and keeps voicemail internal to the IPCC server. Basically, a customer leaves a voicemail and instead of going to Unity and hoping that an agent checks their email or voicemail for the message; The script takes the message and places it back into the call queue. The next available agent receives the call and is able to play and repeat the voicemessage. In addition, the script drops the voicemail file onto a network share for the agent to attach it to the helpdesk ticket.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

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Re: IPCC 4.x Premium Rename a prompt through a script?

Walter, Basically this database would have just couple of tables and in those tables you need to have one column name "enable_disable"

where '0' is disable and '1' means enable

the moment someone record or put new outage message you need to update that table firing SQL query and making the value from '0' to '1' means enable.


Now your script will check using query that this "enable_disable" is '0' or '1'.

What i will do is i will send you script via email i dont have the scripts with me at the moment.

Please give me your email ID.



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