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IPCC 8: TCP Disconnection

hi to everybody

In my IPCC's installation i have ICM 8.03 with UCCX 8 and CUCM 8. I have two site. 1 IP-IVR on first site and 1 IP-IVR on second site. I have two problem ......

the first one is that first IVR is in active state the second ivr is in configuring state rather than in Idle state and I don't know why. I have other two IP-IVR by site and those work fine.(1 in active and the other in idle state)

The secod problem is that i have continuous disconnections. Log from pim of ivr:

"09:10:54:823 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:CANCEL(20 bytes):DID=297 SendSeq#=5 InvID=5 RequestID=4

09:10:54:839 PG1B-pim2 Trace: VRU->PG:DIALOGUE_FAILURE_CONF(20 bytes):DID=297 SendSeq#=4 InvID=4 ErrorCode=Operation Canceled (34)

09:10:54:839 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:CONNECT(227 bytes):DID=297 SendSeqNo=6 LabelType=1 Label=100793

09:10:54:870 PG1B-pim2 Trace: VRU->PG:EVENT_REPORT(22 bytes):DID=297 SendSeq#=5 EventCode=Disconnect(6) CauseCode=CallTransferred(3)

09:10:57:714 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:HEARTBEAT_REQ(4 bytes):InvID=68322250

09:10:57:714 PG1B-pim2 Trace: VRU->PG:HEARTBEAT_CONF(4 bytes):InvID=68322250

09:10:57:714 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PIMActiveHeartbeat

09:11:02:714 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:HEARTBEAT_REQ(4 bytes):InvID=68322251

09:11:07:714 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:HEARTBEAT_REQ(4 bytes):InvID=68322252

09:11:10:870 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:CANCEL(20 bytes):DID=308 SendSeq#=3 InvID=3 RequestID=2

09:11:12:714 PG1B-pim2 Trace: PG->VRU:HEARTBEAT_REQ(4 bytes):InvID=68322253

09:11:17:714 PG1B-pim2 No response from VRU to last 3 HeartbeatReq messages.  Breaking connection.

09:11:17:714 PG1B-pim2 TCP connection to VRU has been broken.

09:11:17:714 PG1B-pim2 Error receiving data from VRU.

  Last API Error [10053]: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

09:11:17:714 PG1B-pim2 Notifying Out Of Service to OPC (ThreadManager::ClearActivated: VRU Application Protocol Receiver  thread failed.).

09:11:17:917 PG1B-pim2 ProcessPIMSetIdleReq: Peripheral 5002 going idle.

09:11:17:917 PG1B-pim2 Trace: Forcing mutex release during deactivation

09:11:17:917 PG1B-pim2 Peripheral 5002 sending OPC PIM_OK_ACK acknowledgment for command PIM_SET_IDLE_REQ (TransID=-1).

09:11:17:917 PG1B-pim2 Trace: Ignoring idle request for other side to peripheral -1 side=1

09:11:17:917 PG1B-pim2 Trace: Forcing mutex release during deactivation

09:11:17:917 PG1B-pim2 ADDED\UPDATED 21 AgentDeskSettings on Peripheral 5002. "

I only have Disconnections from those IVR. the other (in the same lan) works fine

have you any idea ?????

Can you help me ?????

thank you very much


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