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IPCC and Codecs


we currently have a CCM5.X deployed using G729 codec throughout (Lan and Wan). we are going to now place UCCX 5.0 onto the network. now we have configured it accordingly and its working, when using the G729 codec. if i change to the G711 it does not work.

prior to this i configured Conferencing and Transcoding on my router using DSPFARMS. the conferecing works properly however im not seeing anything for the transcoding (im assuming that we need transcoding from the contact centre to the ccm).

any hints or suggestions as to how best approach this?

Note: the reason i need it working for G711 is that we would later on need to implement TTS/ASR and from the documents it seems to only work with the G711 codec.

Thanks in advance


Re: IPCC and Codecs

You are correct you need G711 codec for your desired systems. G729 is better compression but is not widely supported especially when you need it.

I am guessing here from my hear and say : codec changes are to be done at very basic level, not sure how you are doing usually this gets decided at the time of core package installation. I could be wrong but my understanding is you cannot change one way or the other in middle.

Secondly you must have all accross same protocol compression 711 or 729. 711 will be your best bet if you have the bandwidth.

Good luck,


I am more an architect


Re: IPCC and Codecs

hey thanks for your reply.

G729 works fine for this customer, and actually when we were deploying there was a slight voice quality issue on some of the phones using 711. once we changed the region to g729 perfect quality, no issues to date and tihis is a little over 7 months. hence the reason im staying with 29.

as for the ipcc part, in previous versions 3.X, you had to reinstall to change the codec.with 5.X i can change it on the fly so i have no problem. again, i have everything working properly, but there must be a way for them to interoperate. i doubt that im the only one using this type of scenario as well. and my only concern is when we want to implement things like TTS/ASR which from what i understand only works with G711.

again also, ive had conferencing and Xcoding configured on my router and the conferencing works fine but am not seeing anything for the transcoding.

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