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IPCC as a means to login - logout


I have a (what I beleive to be) unique situation where I am needing a script to perform the following functions:

1) upon call connect (to a "hotline" #), I need to collect the calling party digits (caller id).

2) Ideally, this script should attempt to id caller based on the information collected above. If not, collect digits from user. Upon digit collection, system should (based on data populated from previous script use) determine if user is currently logged into another site.

3) System should prompt whether user is logging in or out of site (confirming against information collected from 2 (above).

4) Id the site the user is logging into (via digit collection -site id).

5) User id's whether or not he/she is the only one logging on.

6) contact ends with a email summarizing the data collected.

for steps above (user id based on input of digits or collection of caller id) variables will be compared against external data via XML (probably). Our web developer will handle the backend info, I just need to present the infomration to him, and handle the infomration he returns to me.

Thanks, in advance for any assistance.


Re: IPCC as a means to login - logout

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