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IPCC basic kit list help


I am trying to put together a budget for a small ipcc sytem for a I.T helpdesk enviroment. I am familiar with Callmanger but not IPCC. If i were to create a system for a IT helpdesk with 5 agents that could expand to 50 at a later date what hardware/software should i consider? any help appreciated.


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Re: IPCC basic kit list help

The software version of IPCC will depend on what version of Call Manager you currently have deployed. As far as hardware if you want to expand to 50 agents I would consider the MCS 7835. This platform will allow you to have 75 concurrent agents.

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Re: IPCC basic kit list help


Thanks for your reply. I was under the impression ipcc had to run on its own server. So if i understand it right if i have an existing site running callmanger for normal telephone services i can run ipcc on the same server. Do i use unity to get voice prompts?


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Re: IPCC basic kit list help

IPCC Express Standard can run co-resident on the Call Manager up to 10 agents. If you need to expand beyond 10 agents or require IPCC Enhanced or Premium, then a separate MCS server will be required.

All versions of IPCC Express are fully capable of providing voice services, therefore you will not need Unity for any of the voice prompt or for prompt and collect of information.

If you are running IPCC Express on a separate server from Call Manager, the number of agents you can deploy depends on the platform.


MCS 7825 Supports 30 agents

MCS 7835 Supports 75 agents

MCS 7845 Supports 300 agents

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Re: IPCC basic kit list help

You can install IPCC Express on CCM server, but this is only recommanded for very small call center deployments. As recommanded I would go with the dedicated server and procure IPCC Express.

You can record voicemail prompts by either using Unity, MS Sound Recorder, any other third party tool, or build an IPCC script for that. When you install IPCC you select which codec you want to install it with, so be carful when you install with G.729, you will need to convert the .wav files to that codec. The easiest way is to do it via CCM.

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