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IPCC Call Routing Problem

I have IPCC lab setup. I have configured the ICM, CVP and CCM Intercluster Trunk with GK.

GW,CCM, CVP are register with GK and status is up.

I have dial number 33333 configured in ICM. SKILL Group, Call Type, also configured. All the ICM/CVP services are up and running.

Agent phone extension is 550xx. IP phone to IP phone call is working fine. But When IP phone dials the 33333 I am gettig fast busy. Call search Space is same for all.

GK Trunk points towards the RP 33333. So many times I have restart the machines, GW, GK but no usages.

I am not getting any hit counter of incoming calls in CVP, nor in ICM Router. There is also no counter in ICM Script.

Attache is GW/GK configuration.

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Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem

Do you have a route pattern or route point configured on CM for handling this DN?



Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem


I suppose you are using H323 instead of SIP as call control. We thing to check, Is gateway is registered with GK. Did you try to debug h225 messages. Do you see traffic on Trunk? Please specify which version of CUCM, CVP AND ICM you are using. I have CUCM 6.1.2, CVP 4. and ICM 7.2 running on VM. I can test for you if you give me all the info.





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Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem

yes i have the route pattern defined in the CCM.

I have GK intercluster trunk that is assoicated with Router Pattern 33333 and 2xxx.

CCM/VOice GW/CVP are Registered in GK.

gatekeeper#sh gatekeeper endpoints



CallSignalAddr Port RASSignalAddr Port Zone Name Type Flags

--------------- ----- --------------- ----- --------- ---- ----- 1720 1719 gatekeeper VOIP-GW


Voice Capacity Max.= Avail.= Current.= 0 63174 50156 gatekeeper VOIP-GW

H323-ID: gatekeeper_1_1

Voice Capacity Max.= Avail.= Current.= 0 1720 55412 gatekeeper VOIP-GW

H323-ID: vg

Voice Capacity Max.= Avail.= Current.= 0 1720 1719 gatekeeper VOIP-GW


Voice Capacity Max.= Avail.= Current.= 0

Total number of active registrations = 4

CVP also configured with Gatekeeper IP address

ICM all services are up and running and CVP sub system is also up.

I m not getting any call in CVP and ICM Script.

CVP version is 3.x, ICM version is 7.x and CCM is 4.x

Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem

Hi Usman, troubleshoot at each step from call the point of originating calls.

First, do you see any calls coming at GK? If not, check your device and RP permissions at CUCM. MAKE SURE YOUR CALLS ARE COMING AT GK.

Second, if calls are coming at GK but not forwarding at CVP, you can test a workaround: add your CVP as h323 gw at CUCM, reconfigure your route pattern pointing to CVP. If permissions are ok, calls will hit at CVP FOR SURE.

If both of the case fails, check why your calls are not reaching at CVP. Check for any port blocking firewall before CVP. Prepare your CVP box again as the last solution.

I can remember you were getting critical error message prompt from CVP from the post of Wasiim. What change you did making such change?


New Member

Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem

Remember Calls are not coming from PSTN. Calls are originated From IP Phone Registered in CCM.

Calls are not coming to GK. Though all the devices(CCM,CVP) are registered with GK.

sh call active voice brief

Two Route Pattern are defined in CCM.

33333 and 2xxx and assoicated with GK Interculster Trunk in CCM. I have even try to change it with CVP but no luck. Calls after this configuration even didnt come in CVP.

There is no firewall involved, All the devices are on the same subnet. All the devices in CCM are within the same call search

space, device Pool, There is no restrictions at all.

Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem


Issue the command 'sh gatekeeper calls', if still there is no calls then it's pretty simple :), your CUCM is prohibiting the calls coming out.

Concentrate on your CUCM configs, crosscheck your calling rules; phones, GK and VGW partition and CSS. There is something hiding FOR SURE, have luck.

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Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem

once again rechecked, all devices are in same Device pool and under same calling search space.

intercluser trunk reset and route pattern 2xxxx, 33333 is points towards intercluster trunk.

gatekeeper configuraiton mention below.


zone local gatekeeper

zone prefix gatekeeper 200.. gw-priority 10

zone prefix gatekeeper 200* gw-priority 10

zone prefix gatekeeper 300.. gw-priority 10

zone prefix gatekeeper 33333* gw-priority 10

zone prefix gatekeeper 333.. gw-priority 10

zone prefix gatekeeper 550.. gw-priority 10 gatekeeper_1

New Member

Re: IPCC Call Routing Problem

Couple of things worth Checking

1. Sketch a Highlevel call flow

2. Identify different components from the originator to the destination

3. If the call is originating from the Callmanager then you might want to check the Dialed Number Analyser output

4. Did you enable MTP on the trunk pointing towards the GK/CVP

5. Enable Debug RAS on the gatekeeper and see if you receive any H323 messages.

6. Check the CVP root logs for additional information