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IPCC calls went to voice mailbox while dialing the TOLL FREE NUMBER

Hi All,

We have an Cisco Call Manager & an IPCC server through which the cisco agent desktop users login & receives calls from the client. As you know the calls will route based on the Agents Login Activity/Availability. The clients dials the Toll Free number 866-123-4567 & the calls in-turn will route to 410-123-4567 & lands to one of the Cisco IP Phone IPCC extension.  Unfortunately today between 0700 & 1030hrs EST, all the clients whomsoever dials the toll free number, the calls goes to the voice mailbox & not to any of the Cisco IP Phone extension. The mystery is, when the client dials 410-123-4567, the calls will land to Cisco IP Phone IPCC extension to one of the user which is normal.

Problem while dialing to the toll free number. Any ideas/clues? No changes made on the CCM/IPCC in the recent days.

The issue happened today between 0700 & 1030hrs EST as mentioned earlier.


Re: IPCC calls went to voice mailbox while dialing the TOLL FREE

Hi Anand

The information you've provided is very little.

Are you using UCCX or UCCE? 410-123-4567, is this number a RP? Do you have call forwarding option set for any purpose like "call no answer", "Call Fwd All" or "call forward unregistration" ?

How the call is going to voice mail may help you find out why. Can you check your configuration to find in what scenario call may be forwarded to voice mail.

From PSTN, how call arrive in CUCM? Via H323/SIP or MGCP gw?

Thank you

- abu

Re: IPCC calls went to voice mailbox while dialing the TOLL FREE

Hi Abu,

I use CCM-ver.4.1. I did not set any call forward option. Here is how the actual call takes place.

Client dials -> 866-123-4567 or 410-123-4567 & then dials the extension 3319 for the support team. 3319 will inturn route to 4319 & looks in for any agent logged in & then routes the calls to their cisco ip phone extension.

Client -> 866-123-4567 -> 3319 -> 4319 -> 5101 or 5102 or 5103

Client -> 410-123-4567 -> 3319 -> 4319 -> 5101 or 5102 or 5103

866-123-4567 is the toll free number which will be forwarded by the Telephone service provider to 410-123-4567 (866-123-4567 -> 410-123-4567)

From the PSTN, the calls land on to the cisco router codec used on the CCM is G.711

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