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IPCC Database dip

Does anyone has any sample scripts for credit card IVR?? (e.g. check card activation, check balance enquiry, change PIN etc).

I have a customer's call flow where there are 3 tables in total. One table called card_details has all the card details, while the other table card_result has the result code of the database connection. The last table is for card transaction.

The trouble i have is that there are about a total of 7 result code from card_result table. what can i do such that say if i get the success code from database (A001), then ipcc will goto the other table (card details) to get all the card info. However, for each of the other 6 error codes (A002 to A007), it will all be split into 6 different prompts??

Thanks in advance



Re: IPCC Database dip

I can't give you a sample script, but I can tell you how to deal with it.

You may have 7 possible return codes, but it's likely you have far fewer results you'd actually return. If you're attempting to process a credit card, then it might be Sucess, or Not successful. The reason for a not successful return isn't important to your call flow unless you have to provide additional details to the caller.

What I would do is create a stored procedure (you may need multiple SP's nested here) to do the job for you. The trick is to make sure that no matter what happens, you return the same number of columns in the return set. You read the ones appropriate to the return for what you need.

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