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IPCC Domain Change

We are currently running enterprise version 7.1(5). We put the servers on a seperate windows domain, along with our Unity server. We would like to consolidate back down to one domain. What implacations could that have on our IPCC environment? If we just put in DNS redirectors to the new domain name would that work? Where are the FQDN server references in the config? Thanks.


Re: IPCC Domain Change

You can, since ipcc is an added module of call manager with lots of tcl scripts and variables. You want to make it to a single domain then it is not possible at a stretch. Hope you can make the domains to trust each other and do as of now or else you need to start from scratch.


Re: IPCC Domain Change

>ipcc is an added module of call manager

You are thinking of Express. This is an Enterprise question.

But the answer is probably the same. You have a dedicated domain for UCCE, correct? It needs it. Working perfectly, eh?

Does someone want to rearrange ICM so that it belongs to the corporate domain?

While you have the choice when creating ICM to use a dedicated domain or hang it off another domain (the corporate domain, for example), I'm pretty sure that changing afterwards is very tricky.

What is the reason for the consolidation request?

Often this comes from some group who want to be responsible for all AD things within the corporation, rather than having any valid reasons for making ICM hang off the corporate domain. It could be political (they want control of all domains).

The cost of investigating this is a huge risk to the destabilisation of the contact center. You need to fight this battle and win.



Cisco Employee

Re: IPCC Domain Change

Believe Geoff's statement. Technically moving ICM to a different domain is not supported. However customer's for what ever reason may need to consolidate. I would recommend fighting to keep your ICM domain as Geoff stated. But, if the battle is lost, open a TAC request to get assistance with the procedure. Their are many caveats for the domain change. Usually the BU will have to be involved.


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